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“Like most folks, I was initially hesitant about the speaker’s topic and how it would align with the summit. However, he was engaging and by the end, I really enjoyed it and found it insightful.”
“It’s not often I can say someone was life-changing, but I believe I learned life lessons that I’ll use forever.  Great speaker.”
“Best guest speaker ever!!!!  Loved it.  Whoever had the idea to invite him, needs a raise.  I have looked through his slides multiple times, I have shared his ideas with multiple people, and most importantly, I have already put all of his concepts to practice.”
“I enjoyed that the speaker wasn’t a typical “this is how you can work better” speaker.  He was interesting and engaging and I think everyone got something out of his presentation.”
“I was so inspired by the speaker. I haven’t done a ‘real’ workout in a few years (I just hike/bike/kayak), but when I got home I purchased a large dumbbell set! I’m excited to see the effects of regular exercise on my work and personal life.”
“Luke was the best speaker I’ve seen in recent history.”
“I was a skeptic at first. Skeptical of the content and also skeptical from a “why this topic?” standpoint. But he quickly put my skepticism to rest. I come from a field with a heavy emphasis on evidence-based practice, so backing everything up with research, rather than opinion, is what convinced me. I left inspired to change. Moreover, I left impressed with FSM’s courage and outside-the-box thinking to decide on all possible topics, that was what we needed to hear. From a converted skeptic, I couldn’t agree more.”
“The Guest Speaker was my favorite part of the retreat.  He completely changed my workout game.  Best guest speaker of my entire professional career.”