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With a keynote that transforms the way you work and lead


Luke doesn’t speak from the position of a consultant or a professional speaker, but instead, from the position of a practitioner in the leadership trenches. 


Rather than simply sharing ideas and pontifications, Luke goes deeper and brings the theory down to the ground so that it can be implemented into your organization. 


Leave a presentation with more than ideas and inspiration; leave with the mechanisms that will drive enduring performance. 


Theory, motivation, and ideas are of limited value unless we know how to bring them down to the ground and take action.


A Healthy Organization

The Privilege to Lead

Strategy + Execution

As the leader of a company myself, I know what it feels like when your staff loves and reaps the benefit from a speaker that I bring in.

Founder and CEO of Discover Strength | Hundreds of talks on 5 continents | One of the top rated Vistage speakers in North America (4.95 out of 5 rating) | BS and MS in Kinesiology, University of Minnesota | Executive Leadership, Strategy, and Innovation at Stanford School of Business | Honorary Ph.D. from Solent University in Southampton, United Kingdom

  • “Like most folks, I was initially hesitant about the speaker’s topic and how it would align with the summit. However, he was engaging and by the end, I really enjoyed it and found it insightful.”
    “It’s not often I can say someone was life-changing, but I believe I learned life lessons that I’ll use forever.  Great speaker.”
    “Best guest speaker ever!!!!  Loved it.  Whoever had the idea to invite him, needs a raise.  I have looked through his slides multiple times, I have shared his ideas with multiple people, and most importantly, I have already put all of his concepts to practice.”
    “I enjoyed that the speaker wasn’t a typical “this is how you can work better” speaker.  He was interesting and engaging and I think everyone got something out of his presentation.”
    “I was so inspired by the speaker. I haven’t done a ‘real’ workout in a few years (I just hike/bike/kayak), but when I got home I purchased a large dumbbell set! I’m excited to see the effects of regular exercise on my work and personal life.”
    “Luke was the best speaker I’ve seen in recent history.”
    “I was a skeptic at first. Skeptical of the content and also skeptical from a “why this topic?” standpoint. But he quickly put my skepticism to rest. I come from a field with a heavy emphasis on evidence-based practice, so backing everything up with research, rather than opinion, is what convinced me. I left inspired to change. Moreover, I left impressed with FSM’s courage and outside-the-box thinking to decide on all possible topics, that was what we needed to hear. From a converted skeptic, I couldn’t agree more.”
    “The Guest Speaker was my favorite part of the retreat.  He completely changed my workout game.  Best guest speaker of my entire professional career.”
    Fast Slow Motion Team
  • "Luke provides an approach that is easy to understand and easy to implement."

    Luke Carlson is an outstanding public speaker. He delivers a high energy, original and impactful presentation that motivates the audience. He provides a new twist on what it means to be healthy – so his message is important for life and for business. Luke provides an approach that is easy to understand and easy to implement.

    Scott Peterson CEO Interstates
  • "Luke delivers his message from a thought leadership and personal experience perspective."

    Midco’s VP of Finance came into my office one morning gushing with praise about a speaker he heard the prior day at a Vistage CEO/ senior leadership meeting. He explained that the speaker was a business owner and strategist, physical fitness expert, and great motivator. The speaker was Luke Carlson. At the time, I was planning Midco’s annual 60-member Senior Leadership Team meeting, and after doing my own research, I decided to ask Luke to speak to our team. Well, Luke was a hit. The team member reviews heaped praise for Luke’s substance and his poignant delivery. Luke delivers his message from a thought leadership and personal experience perspective. I recommend Luke for your team’s next speaking engagement.

    Pat McAdaragh President & CEO Midco
  • "He's an incredible communicator and full of incredible ideas and strategies for life and business."

    Luke Carlson is the best public speaker I have ever witnessed. He’s articulate, original, and delivers memorable presentations that captivate the audience. Luke has frequently featured on my popular fitness business podcast, High Intensity Business. I keep inviting him back because he’s an incredible communicator and full of incredible ideas and strategies for life and business. More importantly, he’s able to bring these down to the ground for the listeners to implement and realise results fast.

    Lawrence Neal High Intensity Business Podcast
  • "He is on such a steep learning curve you could bring him in four times next year and hear brand new material."

    I have a Mastermind Group of 25 Top Business Coaches. When we want clarity or to go deeper on a topic such as organizational health, strategy or process we turn to Luke to speak to our group. The question isn’t have you seen Luke Carlson speak? The question is have you seen Luke Carlson speak RECENTLY? He is on such a steep learning curve you could bring him in four times next year and hear brand new material.

    Gregory Cleary Leadership Team Business Coach

Keynotes and Workshop Topics

  • Visionary Leadership: How Leaders Articulate a Vision and Bring it Down to the Ground
  • Execution: The 7 Tools That Drive Performance
  • First Who, Then What
  • Loyalty of Heart: Crafting the Customer Experience
  • The Privilege of Leadership
  • Competing in a Hypercompetitive Market
  • Sharpen the Saw: Evidence Based Fitness for the High Performer
  • Leading in a Storm: Mindset, Strategy, and Tactics

Price: $7,500/talk, $2,500/virtual talk

It’s frustrating to listen to a keynote speaker and receive a bit of entertainment and motivation but walk away not knowing how to apply any of the concepts. A keynote with Luke will move beyond ideas and theory and focus on how to actually execute. You’ll walk away with tools and clarity on what to do next to transform your leadership and your organization.
As a business leader or event planner, we understand that you want to bring in a speaker that doesn’t merely share ideas and provide inspiration, but instead, you want a speaker that leaves the audience with an understanding of how to take action. The problem is that so many speakers and so many events offer nothing more than ideas, theory, and motivation and this ultimately frustrates you because you’ve invested in a speaker, but fundamentally, your people and the performance of the organization doesn’t change. We understand your frustration as we too have attended so many events and listened to too many speakers who leave the audience asking, “How do I actually apply?” and the motivation that is created quickly fizzles.

Ideas are over-rated, the ability to bring those ideas down to the ground and execute is paramount. In the hundreds of keynotes, workshops, and presentations Luke has delivered across the US and on five continents, he’s focused on leaving the audience with a clear path on how to execute.

Here’s how you get started:

1. Fill out the speaker request form,
2. We will call you within 24 hours to discuss your event,
3. Luke will deliver a presentation that changes you as a leader and transforms your organization.